ROKU Kyoto, LXR Hotels & Resorts Kyoto, Japan

Nestled deep within the viridescent foothills of the ancient capital’s north western mountain range, ROKU KYOTO have redefined the pinnacle of luxurious escape in Japan’s most historically and culturally revered cities. Beneath the breathtaking panorama of the Takagamine mountains, discover bespoke experiences woven seamlessly into an area of stunning natural seclusion.

Reawaken your curiosity by exploring our pristine forested grounds, take a stroll accompanied by gentle murmur of the Tenjin-river, and as evening draws in, bask under the stars in our elegant onsen-thermal pool. At this tranquil sanctuary, you will reconnect with the deeper spirit of Kyoto in a region that has inspired Japanese artisans and nobility since the 15th century.

For the curious explorer, visit the locally situated UNESCO world heritage Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion or the vast Zen temple complex of Daitoku-ji. Escape the bustle of city commotion and instead immerse in a treasured serene oasis of unforgettable experiences at ROKU KYOTO.

ITMOL Water Garden

Elegant and authentic Japanese delicacies Entwined with French Techniques & Flavors


Rooms & Suites

Overlooking awe-inspiring mountainous scenery, our 114 carefully curated rooms and suites are a zenith of comfort, serenity and technological sophistication. Paying homage to the sublime elements of both traditional Kyoto design and Japanese minimalistic elegance, these spaces typify the height of artisanship and relaxation.



Culinary indulgence and scenic beauty abound at our diverse resort dining venues. Our pavilion restaurant features 3 distinct zones where you can savor all-day dining with the finest locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. At our live kitchen counter, take in enthralling performances of signature dishes by our head chef, or unwind at our cafe and bar area with tranquil outdoor seating along the Tenjin river. The stunning natural views from here transform with the seasons, ensuring you’ll be taken somewhere new with every dining experience.

Amenities & Services

Blissfully sooth away at our exquisite onsen-thermal pool and reinvigorate body, mind and spirit at our curated spa treatments based on the concept of Kyoto elements and seeped in the healing traditions of Ayurvedic philosophy. With a 24 hr fully equipped onsite fitness room, you can retain your fitness regime anytime during your stay.



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44-1 Kinugasa Kagamiishi, Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan 6038-8451

ROKU Kyoto, LXR Hotels & Resorts

Located at the foot of the Takagamine mountains, offering 114 rooms, exclusive restaurant and spa. Approximately 2 hours from Kansai Intl Airport and 1 hour from Itami Airport.